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Last night.

It’s our last night in Queensland tonight, we’ve had to end it early due to our moneys withering away. We decided last week that we should reorganise our flights so that when we get to Melbourne we won’t be dirt-poor. It’s for the best. We like Queensland but all of this not-working and eating out for breakfast and lunch everyday is pretty dang pricey. And not so good for my figure. In the last week or so we’ve been to Sea World, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Surfer’s Paradise, Mount Tamborine and Movie World.

We’ve also been to quite a few pokies joints. Pokies are fun but its really easy to lose a lot of money there. Don’t get worried though, I’m not saying we’ve blown all our savings at the pokies, just a couple of bucks here and there. They’re pretty depressing. Anywho, we’ve been looking at places to rent in Melbourne. We considered trying to find a place in Queensland but there doesn’t seem to be much work over here and public transport is reeeeeally expensive. We’ve used the buses two or three times and its always been about $20 for us both, and there are no day-riders and tickets are one-way only. So yeah, we’ve been looking for rentals in Melbourne, pretty pricey for a nice place. We’ve been thinking about renting for a short while and then buying a place, for the cost of renting we could be paying a mortgage instead, doesn’t sound like fun but if we can get a place payed off then maybe we could start making some real money.

Anyway I guess I should wrap this up. Hope all’s well on everyone else’s end. Miss all you guys.



Day two in Queensland begins now! The flight over was pretty bad. We finally got on the plane and into the air but when everybody started moving their seats to go to sleep we found that ours didn’t recline. We assumed that we just didn’t know how to use the chairs so I asked a stewardess how to move the seats, “Oh, they don’t go back,” she said, “There’s an exit behind you so those chairs don’t move.” Since it was midnight and we had only gotten a few hours sleep the night before we were pretty devastated. The stewardess came back a couple of minutes later and offered to move us to different chairs but we would have to split up, we declined, I guess we didn’t want to be separated in case something happened while we were 10,000 feet in the air.

The flight itself was pretty uneventful, no turbulence or anything, we landed safely in Queensland and got a lift to C’s aunties place where we’re staying. I’m liking Queensland so far, it’s completely different to Perth, their are hills and trees everywhere, everyone here seems to have some sort of farmyard animal. Maybe the part where we’re staying is just really country but I’m liking it anyway.

Today we’re going to go to Sea World and probably check out Surfer’s Paradise which should be good. I’ll update my blog periodically so y’all know what’s up.



I disturbed this cat’s rolling-around-on-the-floor time.


These cows have business to attend to.


Check this Eel!


Queensland from above.


It’s a stream!


Me pulling a stupid face and C dressed like Elaine from Seinfeld.


All in a day’s work.

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All in a day’s work.

Here are a few things I did. Give ’em a squiz.


White Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse.

Definitely the strangest plaque I’ve had to write.

My workload for a Tuesday afternoon, six trays of mousse cakes.

IMG_0883 IMG_0884  IMG_0886 IMG_0892

The times they are a-changin’

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The times they are a-changin’

Update time! Wow, it’s been a while since my last post. A lot has changed. I got married, got my license, paid for my flights to holiday in Queensland and move to Melbourne. It’s been crazy busy! I took a couple of weeks off work over the wedding and went to a few local cafes which I will have to write reviews for soon. I went back to Jean Pierre Sancho and it was worse than I had remembered. Seriously bad stuff. Anyway, here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

This Pigeon was definitely enjoying Sancho’s food more than I was. I had a rock hard croissant and a bitter horrible coffee. He had the inside of someone else’s sandwich and left the bread. Seriously, ate the salad. Left the bread. That’s gotta tell you something.
So this is the cake that I made for my wedding. It was choc/hazelnut mudcake, fruit cake and lemon lime cake. We opted for the “high-fiving” cake toppers:) There will be more pictures as soon as we get them from the photographers.


Jacob’s thoughts #11

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Il Cibo, Fremantle.

So I went to Il Cibo on Saturday with my girlfriend, I have walked past about a thousand times but never gone in. I had heard that there was some sort of Chilli Festival on in Fremantle so naturally I thought I would go and not see what the fuss was about (I’m not a big chili eater). So in the sweltering heat and humidity I braved the trains full of people, that have apparently forgotten how to not cough in the faces of others, so I could get to Freo and have a coffee and a slice of cake and nothing at all chilli related. When I got to Freo I realised that it was far too hot to get a brownie from The Attic so we decided to try Il Cibo (which I always hilariously call El Cheapo). Il Cibo is very peculiarly set up, as far as I can tell it is split into 3 section which are all divided by brick walls, there’s a savoury section, a sweet section, and a weird knick-knack shop (not sure if it’s the same shop). After perusing their wares we decided to just get a coffee each and a slice of bread and butter pudding.

Now I had gotten my girlfriend into drinking Piccolo Lattes because she would always get a regular Latte and then have to make the choice between drinking it all and feeling sick from all the milk or not drinking it all and feeling bad because I paid for it. So a Piccolo Latte is the perfect coffee for her, not too strong like a Macchiato and not too much milk. So anyway, I asked the lady behind the counter if she could do a Piccolo Latte, she said “yeah” so I said “Cool, can I get a Piccolo Latte and a Short Macchiato. And a slice of bread and butter pudding.”, then she glared at me like I had my thumb up my nose and said “Um, they’re the same thing.“, with all the attitude she could find on such short notice. I half expected her to add “You fucking retard, errrrhhhhh.”. I then proceeded to explain that a Piccolo Latte is a Ristretto with milk whereas a short Macciato is an Espresso with milk, all the while she’s staring at me like I’m an idiot. Note to any baristas out there, if the customer has to explain coffee to you then you are not doing your job.

So after kind-of sorting out that all I wanted was a Latte but smaller we went to find a table. Il Cibo has done that typical hipster coffee shop thing of just finding any random old, rusty stool from the side of the road and putting it next to a log or a door or whatever and expecting people to sit. Now, that’s fine as long as it works, as long as it’s all the right height and you can actually sit on the piece of trash without bruising your arse. After fidgeting in our “chairs” inside we had to move outside, it was unbearable. The chairs outside were no better, they were all old, metal stools of different heights and sizes, I had to swap out a tall one with a wide seat for a short one with a narrow seat because I was hurting my back trying to sit comfortably at the table. Now I’m not joking, I think the chair actually bruised my butt, it had a raised metal rim that was being pressed into me the whole time, it hurt to sit for like a whole day. And I don’t even have a big arse, it was just a shit seat. And I was on it for ages, it took at least 15 minutes before we got our coffee, the place was empty, I could see the girl through the window standing around and it still took 15 minutes. And the shit thing is, it was actually alright, and the bread and butter pudding was okay too. We inhaled our coffee and cake and fucked off out of their like I knew the “barista” wanted us to.

Not going back. Shame. 1/5.

Jacob’s thoughts #10

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The Lane Cafe. Again. Sorry.

I have to say I went back to the Lane recently, in Claremont. It was a Saturday, I was out, I was in good spirits. I went to The Lane hoping for a nice coffee and a good slice of homemade cake, you know, the kind that a European grandmother keeps under a tea towel on her dining table because she knows that at any minute her entire family could burst through the front doors, coffee and liqueur in hand, expecting to stay for hours telling stories about when they were children, all the while the french press on the counter is getting worked harder than ever before as the smell of fresh coffee and Amaretto and cake fills the room. You know, that kind of cake.

Anyway, I ordered a Macchiato and a slice of chocolate and almond cake (as I do). I was so disappointed. Firstly, I ordered one piece to share with my girlfriend and they sent two, which I felt obligated to pay for, also it was bloody expensive (about 7-8 bucks each slice as I recall). And it was awful. Just wrong. It was made with really cheap chocolate, I’m talking Black and Gold or Home Brand or something, it just tasted like vegetable fat and sugar. It was topped with a heap of the same chocolate and non-dissolvable icing sugar. The cake itself was hard like butter straight from the fridge and all the almond had sunken to the bottom of the cake to form a nasty, gritty, hard layer at the bottom. It was bad. The coffee was pretty rubbish too, bitter and burnt.

I should mention that they had just reopened after new years and I didn’t recognise any of the staff, maybe they have changed owners or something. I don’t think I’ll be going back.


Busy Miss Lizzy.

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Busy Miss Lizzy.

Well, it’s been a while. I’m not sure when my last post was but I’ve been pretty busy. Working every day, practicing guitar in my spare time. Planning my own wedding. Trying to figure out what I want for my wedding cake (I’m making it myself). Anyway, sorry for the neglect, here are some random things.


These are some lemon cakes, the closest one is going to be the top layer of my wedding cake. Still can’t decide on the filling, could be lemon creme or raspberry jam, fresh raspberries or buttercream, maybe even some sort of raspberry jelly set with agar-agar (It needs to be kept at room temperature after all.


This is a chocolate tart, kind of like a baked chocolate mousse in chocolate short pastry with chocolate ganache, the decoration is white chocolate, macarons and ground pistachio.


Not even half of the macarons I made the other day. Chocolate, Rose/Pistachio, Peppermint/Chocolate, Almond/Blueberry.